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Our founders have toured the globe in search of the finest fabrics and most luxurious textiles and amassed an impressive collection that translated to bespoke garments that are unique. Our craftsmen picked up sewing techniques along their journeys that allow them to create the most beautiful silhouette for every body shape and for every style.

About Us

We pride ourselves on speedy service and our ideology of working with the customer rather than for the customer. When you come into our shop we set up meetings so we can understand the vision for your company and get an in-depth knowledge of your brand ideology, vision, marketing ideas, and branding.

This allows us to customize your uniforms to be reflective of your target market, level of professionalism you are looking to achieve, and create bespoke uniforms tailored specifically to you.

Our collaboration methods result in spectacular projects that translate to clients being impressed and seeing significant returns on investment simply by the outward appearance of their staff.

A successful business is a professional-looking one!

Contact us today to upgrade yours.

About Us

How Do We Work?

Meet with our trained designers, explain your needs and what business you are styling, and share with us some designs you may have in mind or brand color schemes you’d like to stick to. Coming to us with a blank canvas or looking to revamp your brand identity? Our stylist can help you choose from a large selection of designs, textiles, and shapes or custom make something just for you.



Pick from the luxurious textiles that we make sure are always comfortable to keep your employees happy. We can help you coordinate fabrics to achieve your targeted silhouette or color scheme.


Let our craftsmen work their magic and come up with some samples to show you. Once we have made a few samples based on your needs – we will meet, and you can make adjustments before we go into mass production.

Mass Produce

We will then make your uniform in bulk or a few based on your needs, and in a while, you will be ready to revamp your employee's look and brand image for a happier and more professional-looking business.


Don your staff in smart-looking cohesive outfits and enjoy the luxurious materials that anyone wearing the uniforms will never want to take off!

Who we are!

Rimas prides itself on being the leading supplier of uniforms across the Middle East, working alongside industries such as Hospitality, F&B, Aviation, Education, Industrial, Healthcare, and Corporate. Operating out of Dubai, UAE – Rimas is in the perfect location for ethical sourcing, speedy tailoring, and immediate deliverables.

Our tailors have years of experience in craftsmanship and thus have become the first method of contact for clientele in the region looking to sharpen and professionalize their employees and staff to strengthen their brand.

Today, we have become one of the largest uniform suppliers in the region and amassed extensive knowledge in what our clients want unique to each experience. This has given us an edge in customer experience and client retention.

An outward appearance of a business is everything – and first impressions are forever. Make sure to keep the front face of your business looking as clean and proper as possible. We’re here to help you do that.


Sourcing our textiles from around the globe, we have amassed a warehouse of extensive amounts of luxury and top-quality textiles that you are bound to get lost in. But never fear, our tailors are here to guide you every step of the way from initial design, to choosing the textile, to sample testing – our tailors and designers are here to offer you the best service unique to You!